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Posters and presentations at the annual International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals:


2018, 26th International Conference: Promotion Strategies to acheive Reorientation of Health Services: Evidence-Based Policies and Practices; Bologna, Italy

2017, 25th International Conference: Directions for Health Promoting Health Care - Lessons from the Past, Solutions for the Future; Vienna, Austria


2016, 24th International Conference: Creating a Culture of Health through Innovation and Partnership; Connecticut,USA


2015, 23rd International Conference: Person-oriented Health Promotion in a Rapidly Changing World; Oslo, Norway


2014, 22nd International Conference: Changing Hospital & Health Service Culture to Better Promote Health; Barcelona, Spain


2013, 21st International Conference: Body and Mind; Gothenburg, Sweden

2012, 20th International Conference: Health Promoting Health Care in a Changing World; Innovision in Service Provision, Healthcare Management and Health System Design; Taipei, Taiwan

2011, 19th International Conference: Improving Health Gain Orientation in all Services: Better Cooperation for Continuity in Care; Turku, Finland

2010, 18th International Conference: Tackling Causes and Consequences of Inequalities in Health: Contributions of Health Services and the HPH Network; Manchester, United Kingdom

2009, 17th International Conference: Hospitals and Health Services without Walls - New Services, New Partnerships, New Challenges for Health Promotion; Crete, Greece

2008, 16th International Conference:Hospitals and Health Services in the Health Society: Quo vadis, HPH?; Berlin, Germany

2007, 15th International Conference: Contrtibutions of HPH to the Improvement of Quality of Care, Quality of LIfe and Quality of Health Systems; Vienna, Austria

2004, 12th International Conference: Investing in Health for the Future: Positioning Health Promotion in Health Care Provision & Supporting Effective Implementation; Moscow, Russia

2001, 9th International Conference: Health Promoting Hospitals in a National Health Policy Perspective – Evidence in Health Promotion; Copenhagen, Denmark

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